Wednesday, November 11, 2009

bloody biscuits

today was no school cause of veteran's daaaay yayness.

Homework gets on my nerves though. Almost done, and copying kasha's chemistry work tomorrow xD

english is the most annoying hw e.e...


yeeeaaaah mom called me asking to look up prices of west side story tickets. i got annoyed cause she wants to see a show with me. i kinda dont wanna see a show with her.

and i responded in a grumpy mood when she asked i wanna go, so she got pissed and said "listen you lil ungrateful thing, i wanna call you something else but i can't so i'll call you lil ungrateful in a bad mood? fine then i wont talk to you, have a nice day" and she hung up. I could tell she wanted to call me a bitch just by the way her voice sounded xD

i just called dad to ask him to tell her i dont want to go to a show with her for a specific reason, and he said not him that its between me and her. and i heard her in the background saying she didnt wanna talk to that..i guess in english would be spoiled brat.

she ruined my mood. and I probably sounded angry cuz I was busy doing hw.

but yeah...-sigh- now I'm just angry and i hate when my mood is ruined.



This family has me sick already.