Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I dream of the day
when you walk by and say
"hey, how's it going?"
I dream of the day
when you walk by this way
and notice me, smilin'
I dream of the day
when you can't come this way
but you'll come anyway
cause your my friend, I say
I dream of the day
when you walk by and wave
and I run up to you
say "how do you do?"
then cry cause I'm so happy
To finally be meeting
the friend of over a year
the best friend of a life time
the parent figure that I wish was here..
the comforter of my rough times...
I dream of the day
that you don't go away
that you can actually come over
that you can actually hug me again over and over
I dream of the day
I wait for the day..
The day that will one day come true...

The day I'll finally be smiling, because I am next to you...

Dedicated to all of my dear online know who you are...
I love you all very much
and I want you all to know that...

even if you're all gone...I will still be here...

smiling of our good times, laughing at the bad.

and crying for you, because you've all made a great affect on me..

This poem basically screams out how much I wish to meet every single one of you, and how much I wish...deeply wish you were all where I am.

Yes we are far apart...but it's a small world..

and dreams can come true can't they?

Yes, dreams can come true.

our dreams WILL come true..just believe.

Believe with me, that one day, some day, we will all sit together, laugh together, cry together, and finally be together.