Sunday, November 22, 2009

I'm already gone~

Today was HELL!!!

yeeaaah, woke up, turned on comp, started hw and shiz.

doing hw lasted till like 5 pm or so..

parents were arguing then they started coming up to room yelling on about how i do nothing for them when i just started cleaning. arguing, arguing, arguing, arguing.

dad's still arguing with me like idiot while i'm straightening hair atm =_= saying im burning it and he's mad cuz i didn't mop his room when just yesterday he said he cleaned it!

oh gawsh. i think my parents hate me XD

mom again spoke how she's giving me 4 years to get my ass out of here.

I wanna go too o_O hell, wish i could leave now, would be so nice to live on my own without them. and when I do leave, I'm not coming back.

Don't need to deal with so much freakin drama and nonstop arguing and complaints.

If they are so upset with me, why'd they have me.

wouldve been better choice to not have me at all if things were gonna end up like this~


didn't get dosage of her again ;__; i think was cause of dad turning off comp earlier so i could pay attention to cleaning.

T_T i miss her!

;^; miss her so much..


i'll go cry later about it xD


the goodbye song for this blog iiisss..~

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