Monday, November 2, 2009


ohhh gosh. it's been forever since I've written here.

well then, hi all who bother to read this xD

wonder how you have been doing v.v

I haven't been so bad but haven't been so great either.

was sick last week with some stomach virus (least that's what I think it was) so missed a lot of work and crap, and now I think I have like no time to raise my grades before report cards get sent out. so much bull shit~

got a lot of homework too just cause I got no school tomorrow (cause of election day) And I wanted to do the homework today but I came home in pain with a huge headache and then a bunch of stomach pain and now I just feel wasted sitting here. Dead tired, didn't even do much today...maybe it was the stupid chem test


I failed, needed 15 more points to just pass that crap. on top of that this time he made those who failed talk to him. and he told me, that I need to go to him after school once a week. doesn't matter what I day, i come whatever day i want, just gotta be there after school. And if i don't go, then he's taking me to the principal, and we're gonna discuss why "i want to fail chemistry".

-rolls eyes-

-_- just more stress.

and mother keeps saying i better get good grades for report card if not for progress report and i keep warning that I may not get up there by report card time, and i havent gotten any progress report shit.

I spoke with dad about last week and he seemed to understand.

Mom keeps saying how if i don't get good grades by report card time then I'm not getting sweet sixteen birthday party =_= and my dad said not to listen to, and now I could care less about whether i get a party or not, cause with her around it'll just be hell anyway.


-sigh- im done with typing this.

oh and, good song -V

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