Saturday, November 21, 2009



hello all xD long time no post.

Well today I went to work WOOHOO (boohoo ._.)

Woke up seriously late though xD was supposed to get up at at least 9 am, got up at 10:22

so that pissed dad off and he kept saying not to bother going but i did, and then grandma came and i went on walk with her O: she made me laugh a lot xD

then when we got back was like 2 pm already, and in the end mom never went home to clean and decorate house like she said she would since DAD wouldnt let her -.- cuz he was mad at me for coming late.

so i dont think going to mall is happening tomorrow.


yesterday i saw the movie precious...WAS SO SAD T_T girl went through so much.

here's trailer ;_;

made me cry 2 times while watching ._.

but yeah, dad apparently didnt like cuz was too "graphic" thats why the shits rated R XDDD

and then he mentioned how they also included the lesbians so i said "whats the prob with lesbians in there" and he just kept talking about how he didnt like movie and mom looked at me smirking saying "what are you lesbian" then i looked at her and said 'what?" and she laughed

then dad said "cmon dont say that" and she laughed saying she was joking

gets me nervous though x,x when she asks me that, cause i don't want her finding out my orientation yet

she can find out when I'm far away from home, living on my own already.

same with dad.

only family member that knows is my oldest brother, and he was cool with it when i told him, just asked me how i knew i was bi /facepalm



bro's coming over this year :O -not one that knows my secret-

woo hoo

annnd thats all i got to say for now soooo...laterz everyone :D