Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Hullo from a chilly room temperature.

Good day to you all, and to all a good night~

don't ask.

well, looooong time no see. last blog, answer to that transfer question i left you guys on for weeks, is no. Would've had to done it during the summer way I wanted to, but again, influence of mother dear.

Well, this week's been rough. Stress attacked soon as monday afternoon came. And I already forgot wth got me stressed on monday.

But yeah lotsa crap goin down, found out a lot of stuff I didn't expect, a lot of stuff I kinda wish I wasn't told.

1) possibility of my own mother planning to get my dad into jail, to make him seem like the bad one in this "relationship"

like wtf? didn't get enough thrill on torturing us for past 19 years?

Not even gonna continue on that, because even IDK if it will happen, if she even truly plans to.

2) this week some idiot cry baby at school decides to get me in trouble for the most retarded reasons!

Yan, thats his name =_= jewish kid, I used to have no prob with talking to, but we had incident in the beginning of the year

he said something very insulting to me, i hit him in the head.

Yeah, anger probs, piss me off the wrong way and that's what ppl will recieve. A fuckin smack to the face, and I can beat the crap out of someone if I wanted to, I just control myself from that point.

anyway, I was warned, and apparently I was to keep my hands to myself.

Day before yesterday i was doing group work with him, was asking for the dictionary, and he wasnt answering me, so I tapped him on the damn head and APPARENTLY that was a very hard hit =_=

I was trying to get his fucking attention, thats what you gotta do with tone deaf ignorant bitches!

and then he goes "alex i thought we werent supposed to hit!" i looked at him saying i never agreed to that and he shouldnt go off complaining about it to anyone because I didn't mean for it to seem like a hit.

and guess what the mother fucker does! goes off and tells one of our counselors, Kathe, AND tells our spanish teacher too =_=

Had to go to an unnecessary meeting with him and Beth, our other counselor, wasting MY time, which I could've used for hw, and studying.

So, I said he needs to stay away from me, because I don't need anymore of this, I have enough problems to deal with and I don't want to cause anymore, or get into anything with anyone.

we even had to sign a paper to agree on it like W T F /facepalm

so much fuckin waste of time. all cause he's a cry baby. Let him go through what I go through, and see wtf a "hard hit" is.

I'm sure the lil fucker is spoiled =_= either that or treated like lil prince at home.


I saw someone else hit him in the morning, and he didn't go off complaining like a lil baby.

such bullshit I swear.

today he also got bit close to me and I feel like telling Beth that =_= this time telling him to stay at least 6ft away, because I cant take any chances, people are bitches and love to see someone else get blamed.

he's also in most of my classes so imagine how annoying that is -_-

I wanna take that head smash against table!!!

yes I sound so abusive and crap, but gawd, when something like this is thrown at you when you have enough stress already its like wtf I have enough on my shoulders already.

you think people would just think before doing anything and think of what their "target" is going through for just a minute, and say to themselves "ya know what its not worth it" cause what did he get out of this? nothing, just the loss of my friendship, if it was even one.

I'm sure he's gossiping his lil ass off time to time about this, but ya know what, I don't care. Let him call me a bitch, and talk about me, and the next time this happens, if it ever does, I will blame him before he can get to me. Since HE'LL be the one breaking the rules.

and I'll be the one laughing home.

I'll be laughing because of how stupid he is, and just cause I need some happiness time to time.

This world is supposedly a combination of love and hate,

but I swear,

there's a huge possibility of at most, 97% being hate. The other 3%?

those are the ones who actually care...and I wish, we had more of them.


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