Wednesday, December 30, 2009


I got in the mood for singing, and did so xD

lemme know what you think please, I'm trying to improve, i pause a bit towards the end, but that's cuz i got distracted by a text msg.

Things have been alright on my side of the world.

Got my ipod touch, and im happy with it.

Got rock band, sims 3, assassin's creed, glow hockey, cookin mama, guitar 2 (this one sucks just saying, luckily was free app, deleting later on), and hangman on it. those are just the games

for social networking got fb, ebuddy for chatting cuz that one had best ratings and comments, and skype for calling, but havent used those yet

mostly cuz got no internet connection working xD and my connection is being an ass.

but im more into the games atm anyway.

well then, tomorrow might go out with friends, if they come late though im not waiting, i got sick of that "we'll be there by this and this time" and then coming like hour or so later.

So i warned, if they dont come, at latest, 12 pm, im gone without them.

dont wait on no one anymore.

ooo! and david choi's coming to nyc, 5 days before my bday, i wanna go see.

this guy ->

he's awesome, and i wanna go see so bad, so asked another old bud of mine if she can come, and she's askin her mom :''DDD hopefully will know by tomorrow so i can order tickets.

thats all for now! laterz