Friday, December 18, 2009


she's turnin' blue~

hullo all :o

guess what!? im sick xD

idk what it is, but my stomach keeps feeling nauseous and its annoying, had thrown up thursday morning, it was awful. Now i cant eat much cuz of how it makes my stomach feel and crap x.x so that makes me more tired than usual.

well, grandmother was sent to hospital on thursday, same day i got sick. She couldnt even walk, thats how bad her swollen leg got. And i've been thinking lately its my fault she got this bad.


Not too long ago when she complained of me being disrespectful to her to dad and got me in trouble, i got so pissed, i said to myself i hope she dies so i don't have to deal with this anymore.

you never know how strong words can be until something like this happens. I've been hoping that she gets well, and that nothing happens to her...i imagine myself laying on her couch looking up at the ceiling crying for forgiveness...

all this happening while im sick isn't good cause i just end up feeling worse.


and dad says i should feel ashamed cuz i was disrespectful to her on wednsday, when that time i wasn't -.- i admit i was disrespectful to HIM over the phone, but not to her.

so he's pissed with me and crap, i tried hugging him today and last night, he basically pushed me away.

i was supposed to go to school today but didn't, and i had wanted to go on the skating trip ._. but in the end, i turned off my alarm telling myself i'd stay home.

I had a vocab test too, so idk whats gonna happen with that..

ooo, and i put fake nails on x.x

typing only took a lil time to get used to, but texting is hell, was msging gf on phone and it took me forever to respond xD

and every time i tried being faster just ended up being slower xDD

oh lordy, i guess thats all i got to say now, laterz