Sunday, January 3, 2010

2 0 1 0 [Post for January 4]

This year didn't start out so jolly x.x

nothing to be jolly about really xD

My grandma comes home from hospital on wednsday most likely, and well, now things are gonna be a lil harder, a lil more stressful, a lot more work.

I can't stay after school anymore cause of grandma I guess e.e

This meeeaaans, no hanging in Kathe's office after school while doing hw.

Only way I'd be able to stay is if it's necessary, like Ms. Morey's annoyign vocab sessions -.- and those shits I might go during lunch then lie about staying after for them. ahahaha 8D

bleeeh T_T tomorrow feels like its gonna be long...

I'm scared to go to chem class...cuz chem scares me...


my hairstylist did such awesome job, and since I haven't gone to her in sooo long cause have been doing my own hair, I fergot just how nice it feels when i go get it done..

Only thing I don't like it the burnt type of smell that comes out when I sweat e.e

I sweat A LOT so XD

meeeeh...I'm actually sleepy cause I know school's tomorrow...and I feel like skipping morey's class but Idk how I would do that, so I'm gonna end up rushing hw in the morning xD and putting any crap in it.


In the end I said fuck it when i got to school and didn't finish my hw, only added some stuff while eating breakfast in mcdonalds xD

idk if morey checked it, but she was so busy talking to juniors when I came to get my work, I just walked over to wear she had the books we were reading, got my copies out, and left. I had no time for waiting in line to get my work xD she kept the papers, and I could care less about those.

had a lot of hw today, finished at 9 which pissed me off so much, cuz now I can't speak to vince cuz his mom has to do his hair -.- and that takes hours...

bleh...i might go to bed early...MIGHT...


got to speak with vince for a few just now xD

just a few though V__V...i might end up going before he gets back ;^;

and ive been thinking about our "friend" myriam and how she's acting so stupid with me e.e like talking to me at times with an attitude that comes out of no where..

like yesterday we were speaking bout some super target store with vince n ashley, and then i mentioned how i never heard of such or seen, and she says "well you're in ny alex what do you expect"

like what does that mean? e_e what do i expect? i don't expect anything, stores like that should be located SOMEWHERE around here, i probably have been to an area with one yet e.e

I've been to regular targets, but not a SUPER target xD that's supposedly a huuuge version of the store itself.

idk but that pissed me off, and she just changes mood to such a pissy one it's annoying, it's gonna come to a point, that when I get the chance, I'm gonna tell her off in front of all our friends, then stop talking to her cause I already see she can't change, we were having same issues with her attitude before, me and vince that is, and he spoke to her about, told her how she was making ppl feel by acting so stupid. and she had promised to stop, now she's getting back into that stage, and I'm not liking it one bit.

bleh...15 minutes left on..or 45 if I get off at 10:30 as usual, or even later -.-''

I wanna go to sleep, but at same time I don't. didn't even get to do anything, besides type here..

i want chicken, and a egg cheese and bacon bagel, and chicken sandwiches and fries and...ugh x.x

lotsa food im getting in the mood for...

luckily im not hungry at all.

Well, I guess that'll be it for tonight.