Wednesday, January 27, 2010


im in one of those break up phases again, oh joy.

well, hey everyone o:

I've been reading dramacon, as i think most of you know by now, and its inspired me to make my own story.

I'm gonna put myself into the main character, using already a bff of mine's personality in another main character, might use Kat's personality as well o: thinking of using a few more buddies of mine, and putting them into characters i'll eventually come up with.

Its like manga thing I'm doing, so drawing, and drawing, and drawing xD only got a page and a half though, not as quick as I used to be, since it's been a whiiiile since I've done a manga.

I've named it crush, just can't think of a cover xD

since it might be a while before I get to finally show some pages on here, I've decided to type it out.

SO here goes~


The "I love you"s between us were only the for between friends kind. Why should I care? We're both taken....



"pssssst! Caitlin, wake up before she throws a text book at you!"

I opened my eyes slowly, blinking, feeling so dazed from my dream.

"...I'm up" I said, sitting up yawning, then looking towards the side at Devon.

"Told you go to bed early", he said looking at our teacher yell at me while I completely ignored her.

"Yeah, yeah. I know, jeez"

"Next time listen."

"Ok, I will Devon" I rolled my eyes, now hearing what Ms. Anger Management Issues was saying LOUD and CLEAR.


"Yes M'am!" I put on a face acting as if I knew every word she said.

Freakin' kids!...She thought to herself frowning at Caitlin, then turning back to the board and continuing the lesson.

I looked at Devon, he was my best friend...and I've been getting the feeling that I like him.

Though, even if he liked me back, we both knew we couldn't.

I have a girlfriend, and he does too. Most of my friends knew by now, I'm bi and have a girl who's great...but slowly that love's been fading away.

And I feel we barely know each other I have no idea what's going to happen but, we'll see...


That's all I'm writing for now :D please comment on what you think of it, would be awesome~ :3

thats all, laterz.


Kat said...

Oooh :D

Kat likes (Y)


MOOOAR, pleeease 8]

αrєkkusu said...

lawl xD once i get to drawing more, yes