Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Help Haiti

Today, after school, we had a Haiti Rally.

About 7 or 9 of us stood on a corner a block away from school holding up posters with numbers to text words to so ppl can donate 10 dollars to an organization that's helping Haiti with their situation.

During that Rally while chanting and asking ppl to donate, I've learned...

there's A LOT of ignorant people in this world. xD

and it's sad

one guy got annoyed with me asking him to donate to Haiti, and he mumbled "omg there's so many of these already" and kept walking and I asked him to please donate, he could save a family, they have nothing over there and they need the help.

while he was walking away I watched, and he gave a thumbs up as I yelled to him, then stuck the middle finger at me


I yelled "YOU KNOW WHAT, FUCK YOU TOO, FUUUUCK YOU, I HOPE THE SAME THING HAPPENS TO YOU AND YOU REGRET DOING WHAT YOU JUST DID" I was yelling at him so much my voice cracked, since I'm still getting over my cold and crap.

Harold, and Kemar had to try calming me down and asked wth happened, then junior came while I told them what happened, and junior asked who it was, and i pointed out the dude, and he was heading towards him like he was getting ready to kill the guy o_o

Kemar told me later on on fb about how had he not told junior to chill, he might have gone and raged at the guy xD

but we continued on ranting, no matter how many people ignored us, said they already donated, rolled their eyes at us, or just walked away not giving a damn.

It's a harsh world kids xDD

I'm glad I had this experience though, it opened my eyes as to how so many people can be.

Those who donated are the ones who deserve the applause..

just goes to show how evil and how good people can be.

Giving to those who have nothing, is a great thing to do..

If you'd like to donate,

please text "save" to the number 20222

Or Text "Haiti" to the number 90999

$10 will be charged on your next bill and automatically sent to the Save The Children and American Red Cross Foundations, and that money will be used to help out Haiti whether with food, water, or even help with the rebuilding of their homes.

To find out others, you can go here:

scroll down and click on whichever link and you will get the info on where to text/send donations.

Let's hope things change for the better instead of getting worse.