Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I'm so hard~

I'm addicted to the song Hard by Rihanna now! been playing it on repeat a lot rofl.

Well today school was tiring as usual this week. THANK GAWD FOR NO SCHOOL MONDAY WOOT.

And guess what kids?!

Yes Ms. Alex?!?!



=_= he really is...

I gave him that key chain for christmas that mom n dad forced me to give to all teachers after the break.

Today one of the seniors (whom btw, is one hot asian..) came to see him rl quick, then saw the key chain on the desk, grabbed it and complimented it on how nice it was and stuff. I noticed the key chain was still in the plastic it was when i gave it to Rosser 2 weeks ago, it was to protect before he used it and stuff.

Then he told the senior "oh you want it? you can take it, cause I never wanted it in the first place"

I just stared at him, I didn't even know how to react. Then Rosser turned and saw me staring and the look on his face, I think he knew just what stupid shit he pulled.

I shook my head and said "Ya know Rosser...that's just really messed up how you had to say that in front of me, it would've been better when I wasn't around."

And he said "Oh, I had forgotten who had given it to me, and it's a heavy key chain anyway"

Wtf? It's heavy? Some excuse.

So I said "then give it back to me since you don't want it, I'll take it back." and It was being passed around the table in front of him, the girls were looking at it, then when Steph got it, she gave it to me and I put it in my bag.

Seriously, in my opinion, that was down right disrespectful. At least have the dignity of saying that stuff when I'm not there. The day I gave it to him he kept going "AWWWWW" and acted so happy about it. So when I heard that I was just shocked.

Now he's not getting shit from me

Sure I'll be doing my work in class and be respectful, but I'm not gonna look at him the same way.

I thought he was a person who joked around a lot at first, but I noticed, he's just a bastard.

He even complained today on how he hates kids, and I asked him "then what are you doing here?" and he said "the money, and the summers I get off"

=_= dude, go get a job you actually like, you have to deal with us for the rest of the year. He also claims that he hates our class, why not gtfo then.

I dislike him so much now, and at first I thought he was pretty okay, just had some moments of playing around too much. Now, I know what he's really like. He even gossips badly about other teachers then puts the angel act on when around them. So, I actually shouldn't be so surprised. With way he calls Ms. Moore, Ms. Morey, and Ms. Riordan the 3 bitches then acts like best friends with them when he sees them -.- and how he sticks middle fingers at his own students slyly -_-'' and how he puts them down too not thinking of how they may feel.

Joking is one thing, but at times he goes a bit too far.

Like with mah asian son Jia.

Full Name: Jia Du.

Rosser's version of his name: Jia Don't -> cause apparently he "don't do nothin"

-_- and everyone laughs at him and talks about him as if he's completely stupid.

So he isn't great at chemistry, who the fuck cares, I'm sure everyone else in that class has an issue with at least one class, perhaps that one itself -.-

bleh...Rosser just reminds me of the stupid bullies in elementary school...They care about no one but themselves, and their reputation.

perfect song atm?


go listen~

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:3 laterz~


Kat said...

That guy sounds like a right wanker =.= Slaaaap him D:<

Or i'll do it for you, xD

αrєkkusu said...

how about you do it for me :D cuz he doesnt know you and that wont make me get an even lower grade than what i have already 8D xDD