Sunday, January 10, 2010

lord, god, jesus christ, someone take me out

gawd, every weekend i hate it!

Can't wait to be out of this hooouuuuse I swear

They were complaining of me AGAIN yes the fucking parents that fucked and made me and they shouldn't have if things would get this way!

just told them i can't wait to leave this hell and dad laughed saying this isn't hell mom said hell is what they go through -___-

please, with way they take out anger on me, i can call my whole fuckin life a living hell.

I'm thinking of running away tomorrow right after school, staying some place else.

Just to see how they react, and maybe it'll open their eyes as to how much I hate them already because of how they treat me.

I can't fucking wait to die.


Kat said...

.-. I've run away before. It didn't plan out too well.. they didn't care.

I know what you're going through -_-