Friday, January 29, 2010

Was a good day, been a while since it was a good day~

was supposed to hang with an old buddy of mine today :O but she had to cancel cause her dad said he wasn't taking her at last minute -.-''

So instead, like mom suggested, I called Andra (new buddy I recently got in contact with cause of my mom xD) and asked if she wanted to hang, and we did :'D

went to Barnes N' Noble, looked at a BUNCH of journals xD cause she had to buy one, and then i got 3rd volume of dramacon Emoticon Pictures, Images and Photos

we went to sephora afterwards xD then to eat something rl quick, then i got creds from best buy, and flyer, and then flyer from pc richards for dad xD

then came home all happy 8D and going out with her again tomorrow! she's gonna teach me how to do my laundry first though XD

ohhh gosh loool

and well, just finished getting phone call from mom right! and and ;_;

she said some srs touching things man! got me crying, and she cried too!

was telling me how in life i shouldnt get so angry at certain things, just gotta keep walking like nothing with head high and stuff, and that i gotta love myself, and forget about those who come into my life and hurt me, also gotta be careful as to not get used and abused.

she was apologizing for the things she's said to me when angry and said how she knows i probably go around saying "mom's a bitch" and alalala, and that she hurts me cuz she says things without thinking and stuff but that i gotta know she loves me, and will always be there no matter what.

and then she started saying how things are pretty bad and how she feels so bad cuz cant even make sweet 16 party like i wanted ._. and said how will try to make something for me in the summer cuz my bro will probably still help her out. told me how she knows im a good kid and wants me to stay that way and that later on in life when i get a bf or even a gf, whichever way i choose to live my life, for me not to let myself get used, and that to know im always there for her and she said as long as im happy it doesnt matter path i choose ._. (referring to bf/gf thing)

all this was making me cry ;__;

and i have the feeling now that if i end up telling her im bi, she would actually accept!

;____; cuz of that comment she made...

;__________; she made me cry so much man, and for the first time in a like a year, i told her i love her after she said she loves me.

T_T was such touching moment!

was a great day in all basically.

:''3 I'm happy, and its been a while since I've been this way.

now off to searching for cute emotes for me and jesse! 8D

untill next time~ cya ;D!