Wednesday, January 27, 2010

xArekkusux: what time u have to get up?
Guest_EZTouch: 8 am?
Guest_EZTouch: my exam is 9:30 am
xArekkusux: x.x.....
Guest_EZTouch: my bodys use to low levels of sleep its just my vision blurs and my eyes turn bloodshot
Guest_EZTouch: but hey its the life of a procrastinator
xArekkusux: wowz...
Guest_EZTouch: yup how old r u two?
xArekkusux: 348
Guest_EZTouch: 34?
xArekkusux: nope, 348
Guest_EZTouch: three hundred and fourty eight?
xArekkusux: yes, must i say it again?
Guest_EZTouch: haha
Guest_EZTouch: cut me a break actually how old r ya
xArekkusux: i just told ya man O:
Guest_EZTouch: lol k fine
Guest_EZTouch: 348 it is
Guest_EZTouch: vampire?
xArekkusux: :3 pfft
Wensente: lolz
xArekkusux: no, just a walking zombie 8]
Wensente: >.<