Saturday, February 13, 2010

Do The Panic

I'm sick again boooooooo.

Omg tomorrow is the day of love

oh joy x.x

That means grandpa's birthday. So since I probably can't go to visit him and my aunt at the cemetery, I'm gonna go to the church for him after my parents come back from their lovey dovey breakfast e.o.

iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii will ofc be alone this valentines, as always.

what's that? do I still have a gf?

well YEAH but she's never on v.v

so there won't be any love for me xD

v.v siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh I wish she would at least msg me

saw her online on fb earlier this week and i messaged her but then she went away, in the end I never got messaged back.

drives me crazy, but what am I gonna do.

I need to go over there and rape her.


I'm getting sleepy since I'm sick oh no Dx

got so much body ache, time to time headaches. Not eating much either.

scares me a bit. Though the less eating thing I'm proud of.

I was gonna try getting these things called "slimshots" and its like some lil drink in a cup and its supposed to help with keeping you from being hungry for 8 hours and helps with losing weight o.o

but when i went to site you gotta order and for like a supply of 2 months its 60 bucks e.e and I haven't found a store that sells them yet, but I get the feeling that I shouldn't get them.

I've read comments, most say the taste isn't great and only read like 2 or 3 comments of ppl saying it didn't work for them.

v.v ok alex -smacks self- snap out of it

I don't wanna get tempted into trying a bunch of stuff for my weight.

ahhhhh im turning 16 soon Dx i feel old.

i want a lot of stuff I can't get just YET xD

like like like...PLAY STATION 3 TTT___________TTT WITH BIOSHOCK 2



I am so buying no more heroes 2 when it comes out right after my birthday though >8D that game looks SOOO fun

its funny too x'D

dad's gotta come buy it with me though ;o since its rated M lmao

@0@ hm hm hmmmm

my ipod acted dumb today so had to restore

i think its cause i accidently pushed it off my bed in my sleep xD cause i fell asleep while talking to vikki and vince

funny how their names both start with v right?




I guess thats about it for now.

I need a life.


Kat said...

I wouldn't advise those weight loss tablets, any of them ..

People have died from addiction to them, no joke ._.

And you're meant to eat more when you're sick, your body needs energy to restore itself o.o

Love yoooou Aleeex <3

αlєх said...

lawl ty kitkat

i love you toooo :3