Sunday, February 7, 2010

Obstacle 1

Hey hey everyone :o haven't posted in a while again.

the other day I was thinking of listing things I rage at.

And now I've forgotten the number 1 thing I wanted to post on here that I rage at xD

well lets see...

I hate when people talk to me like they know how I feel.

Example: Was talking to some "friends" inrl I go to school with about my weight prob right and how I was feeling, then Rebecca decided to say "Well Alex, if you're so unhappy, why don't you DO something about it."

And I just suddenly got pissed and told her "It's not that easy when you got people telling you everyday just how fat you are and make you feel like you can't do anything right"

and I continued on saying how I can't really afford a gym right now and then jasmine said exercise at home and I said my problem is I have no confidence, Rebecca said something after that e.e I ferget what.

But yeah, I just raged, and in the end said look lets just stop talking about it now. I guess its cause I can't stand to hear the truth.

Another thing that gets me going, doing things that annoy me constantly knowing it annoys me. xD

example: Kemar at school, ALWAYS interrupting me when he sees I'm speaking with someone -.-'' rude much?

sounds like 2 year old

"alex alex alex alex alex alex alex alex -pokes 300 mother fuckin times-"

What else...

When people -COUGHMOMANDDADCOUGH- try taking some of my food when I'm eating and hungry.

Now when I'm hungry, I'm angry xD

and that anger won't leave till I've finished eating and I'm full.

and dad likes trying to steal my fries and such at times and I end up smacking his hand and glaring and yelling "stop" and alalalala

x'''D and then whats funny is they decide to get mad at ME when they are the ones causing the issue!


Another on imvu, when people automatically get called noob cuz they don't have other clothes besides imvu's stuff, or cause they look like they are a noob, or cause of something they like, etc. that's not their whole personality xD

if they ACT like a noob, thats different story. Some can be annoying and all, but others are pretty nice.

once you actually start talking to them.

I also dislike when...example: someone says they hate their mother or father or sister brother whatever, and then others tell them they shouldnt.

We don't know what that person goes through, they have a reason o.o

like I was in the old garden yesterday, and this guy i recently met there said his mom was a bitch, and this chick I met there too recently called him a jerk saying that he shouldnt be like that with his mom and that he's mean and evil e.e

and I'm just sitting here reading all this and then tell them ya know, back off, we don't know what he goes through, he has his reasons.

and he was all "THANK YOU AREKK, THANK YOU!" xD rofl

anywayz i think I'm good with the rage stuff.

I made an account on that question site o: since I see kat and jesse and lizz on there and it looks pretty fun sooo.

here's my link :3

ask me some questions and i'll be glad to answer :D

hmmmm this week I kept breaking up and then getting back together with Mikee. lawl.

I went from:

I dont think I can take this anymore Dx


I'm sorry i take that all back forget it


ok I wanna know where this is headed cause it seems like we're not even really together considering we can barely talk and idk if i can rly continue like this its killing me


ugh forget it again. I love you too much.

lmao, im such a freakin idiot xD

in the end I'm always running back so idk why the fuck i bother!

when she reads all those msgs she's gonna probably cry again V_V then stay calm again and start apologizing like crazy xD

I understand she's got school n junk, but I wish my relationship was kinda like Jesse's.

Speaking to her everyday would be REALLY nice. Way it used to be.

but then NEW SCHOOL decided to fuck with me -.-


whatever, I gotta be patient.

I love her, and wanna stay with her, question is can I really survive this v_v.


I swear I need to go over there >:I wish I had the damn money, AND WISH HER PARENTS LET HER COME HERE.

ahhhhh ok anyway xD

watch this dance :O its sexy

wish I could dance like that. I don't remember if I showed this on here already but xD oh well.

That's all for now! OH and got 2 new drawings, but i'll scan them tomorrow or something, laterz. :3