Monday, March 22, 2010



It's amazing how I've just realized how much I miss you :| 1996-2007

Gizmo was my dog from when I was 4 until I believe 13 years old.

He passed in summer of 07 of rat poisoning that he licked off the ground :/ It was a sad way to go...he died vomiting up blood. And I lost my best friend, my only friend ._.

He was my only friend throughout all those years, since I was always bullied at school and people who I considered friends weren't really my friends. Gizmo was the only friend I had ._.

always there when I got home, always with me, always kind to me.

I'm sure some of you are thinking "oh c'mon Alex, it's just a dog"

Well he wasn't 'just a dog' he was a friend, my best friend. I always played with him, and he was always there with me. And he was here for so long, now he's just gone.

I know it's been a few years already but now's when I realized just how much I miss him.

He was such a great dog, so kind and quiet, only barked when he suspected something was wrong and he would play soccer with me in the backyard, layed next to me in the kitchen while I did homework, layed in bed with me watching tv...

He was a big part of my life I can say, and I just miss him so much.

Today I finally broke down and cried for him, I haven't cried for him since the day my dad told me he was gone. It hurts so much ya know T_T

losing such a great friend, my buddy, coming home to him, I miss that so much. and he's gone, and now I feel lonely without him. I loved him so much, oh gosh, can't stop crying.

I just hope he rests in peace ._. and I hope he's happy wherever he is, and I hope he knows I loved him so much.

I hope I can see him again in another life ._. because man, that dog, he was my best friend in the world. and man I love him. Love him so goddamn much.

You may be gone, and not here to bring back the ball, but your love still floats around it and always will. You'll always be my play pal, my buddy, my best friend for life. I love you.


Kat said...

x.x I had a springer called Lady, she was my best friend too D'x

I know how you feel .-.
and i know i say that all the time,
but i do x.x