Thursday, March 4, 2010


I can't believe what my mother just told me!

Okay lets go back in time to yesterday.

Parents got my report card.

I'm failing 3 classes.

They ofc got pissed, and I'm ofc pissed, and everyone in the freakin world is pissed.

Now she comes to me saying if I don't do good she's sending me away to school and that I won't be coming back until I supposedly do well/finish?

Like wtf, you're kicking me out of MY OWN HOUSE?

You don't even live here you freakin biiiiiitch oh my goooood, i wanted to push her out of my room.

and she said apparently my uncle and father agreed.

I hate her, like srsly, we gotta go that far?

Would be better that I go to summer school so I won't have to be in this damn house.

What kinda shit is this, I'm being kicked out, I swear they should have NEVER had me.

and she's gonna call my brother so they can look into schools that I can go away to.

this is just fucking stressing me out more, she can go SUCK IT I don't care if she's my mom,

she made it official that she doesn't even give a damn, cause she hates me.

Well fuck her, maybe i'd be better off in another state than living here.