Sunday, March 21, 2010

This boat is sinking..(March 22 Post)

Lately this week it feels like everyone's dead :/

especially on imvu x.x

I go one and like NO friends that I'm close with are on xD

was annoying the shit outta me, cuz I go on there and then there's no one I can speak with, and I need to speak with my friends D: I get lonely x.x

and I wish a group of friends of mine were the way we were when I first met them :/ that would be Ashley, Vince, Myriam, Kate, Haiden, maybe some other ones but those are the main. and well there's an issue between vince and myriam, and now possibly ashley too cuz we basically dont all talk together the way we used to.

and it's so stupid. myriam is a diff story though -.- cuz she likes being stupid.

but the others, its like we barely talk now :/ way we used to.

like before me n ash got rly close and became friends soon as we met x.x now we never talk, this week i had to msg her first when she was online so we could talk :/ and i feel like now if i dont msg basically she wont bother to msg me cuz she probably doesnt care for me anymore x.x


that'll be it.

(fergot to post this last night x.x)