Sunday, April 18, 2010

It's All Coming Back To Me

Today, I went to eat breakfast at juniors again with the parents. Mom said some harsh stuff like how supposedly we're not going there for breakfast again and how next time if we do go she's not letting me come along.

Felt like she was saying she doesn't even want me around

but whatever

So yeah :D afterwards we went to ashley stewart and i got some more clothes with my bday money, and also found out i couldnt use all 4 of my coupons, but only 1 -.-

oh well, still got 20% off xD

got some nice stuff

mom says though i should save wearing the new clothes for when, if we do, go on a trip to somewhere

I highly doubt that xD but hey, maybe it'll happen this year.


sorry -_- i gotta restore my stupid ipod now CUZ OF FREAKIN ITUNES ACTING LIKE SHIT

this is like the hundredth time already. gawd

anyway, after that went to jcpenny to get sandals, got this pair in two colors :D so sexy

also, bought michael a shirt .w.

i have this really bad feeling though that it may be too small xD cuz its a medium and soon as dad saw it he said it wont fit cuz he's someone who would wear large.

>< im just hoping he'll see if it fits and if it doesnt then well D: gonna have to return it i guess. i hope he likes it.....:3 my parents kept teasing me, and my dad was like "getting that for your bf?" and without thinking i said "he's not my bf, yet" while staring at the shirt, and my dad stared at me like "im sorry...what did you just say?" xD he doesnt really want me having a bf but i think if i were to tell him i had one he'd have to go along accepting it eventually xD


that was what i wrote yesterday.

sorry, i forgot to finish and post it.

anyway today I showed the shirt to michael xD it's too small, gonna have to buy a new one because mom doesnt know what she did with receipt -_-

but yeah he at least liked it

BUT i get the feeling he likes my friend Kasha, and it's pissing me off >:/

so i feel like i got no damn chance to be with him

but whatever WHATEVER

yeah thats it kbyenow.