Friday, April 2, 2010

One More Time

Well, I didn't post what I wanted to post yesterday, so today here it comes.

Yesterday was reeeaally nice outside o.o warm with a breeze here and there, was just an awesome spring day. Then mom called and asked if I wanted her to bring me something to eat and I wasn't sure and told her I wanted to go out to maybe like times square today

Times Square:

but she didn't want me going alone. She said I should go to ashley stewart (clothing store) to see if they have any jean jackets, or just a summer jacket I can use for the summer, or at least for when it starts just getting warmer outside.

Since I felt like walking, I agreed. But then later on mom had stopped by Andra's parents' shop (that new buddy inrl) and then Andra called saying "oh I heard you finished babysitting yesterday so can we make plans" and I told her how I had wanted to go to times square and that mom wanted me to go buy a jacket. and then she asked to tag along and so I let her.

I got myself this jacket ->
100_0546.jpg picture by Arekusandora225

I fell in love with it x.x they had some other stuff too but x.x I didn't get any...I feel like going back today after cleaning

Mom got mad though cause it was short sleeve but I told her over the phone that it was. xD

she probably didn't hear or pay attention well.

Anywayz, Andra, the whole time on our way to times square kept insisting on going to 34th street instead -.- and I kept telling her I had wanted to go to 42nd street and can't just go to some place else, when I told my mom that's where I was going, I wasn't gonna risk it. ugghh she kept complaining e.o like she didn't say it but she complained with way she acted like she was bored and kept mentioning how there were more stores on 34th street and crap.

and I'm just like xD OMG STFU BEFORE I SMACK YOU

I enjoyed going to times square, I like the views, she didn't even let me take pics of those street bands there that I wanted to take pics of. oh but when I took pics of her it was happy happy joy joy -.-

I was being very passive aggressive with this girl xD (Kathleen may be proud of me pointing this out ;D [Girls Group FTW])


later on when buying food, I told her we had to leave at 5 pm, because it's gonna take a while to get home. And she was all "no we leave at 5:20 cause it only took like 30 minutes to get here.

and im all /facepalm, ok latest we leave is 5:15, we ended up leaving at time she wanted i believe, then on the train she noticed the time and how long it was taking and was like "omg I'm gonna run home" and I told her I'm sorry but I am NOT running with you xD my feet hurt and I can't run for long cause of my asthma. and I told her that's why I wanted to leave at 5 pm, cause I KNEW this was gonna take long.

But noo nooo, don't listen to me -.- the one that happens to take this transportation for school.

So yeah, when we got out we only had like 10, 15 minutes to walk down like 4 avenues xD

and so I tell her to call her parents, let them know we're walking down.

She gets off the phone afterwards and tells me that she told them we were an avenue closer than what we really were so they wouldn't be so angry -.-'''


and she said she had to cause she has to be there by 6pm, and if she's a minute late she can't go anywhere anymore alalala blah blah blah and I'm just like so saying we're closer to home than we really are is gonna make all this better for you? -.-

and she continued on with her oh its fine cuz it wont take long getting to that avenue, and that her mom knows she walks slowly alalala and I kept repeating you liiieeed, if they think we are taking to long they are gonna know you liiiieeed,

that not only gets her in trouble but me too! because then they are gonna suspect that I am also a liar and then get pissed at me cuz they'll think I supported her into doing that.

I got so fuckin pissed I swear xD

When I got home I told my parents and they said I gotta tell her not to do that. So next time we go out I'm telling her if she lies again to her parents I'm not gonna wanna go out with her anymore, cause I don't lie to my parents when going places, and I'm not gonna support her in doing so so I can get in trouble too -.- no.

She annoyed me so much yesterday like ugh, that's why I wanted to just go out alone, could listen to my music and not have to deal with this chick's complaining and crap xD

I'm not sure if I wanna make plans with her anytime soon again e_e for now I wanna be going out alone.

I feel like isolating myself from others when going out cause I just feel I need to be left alone.

Been feeling like this since the breakup x'D and I laugh about it, cause I feel like I've gone a bit mad.

anywayz, I guess that's all for today?

that stuff all happened yesterday with Andra x.x but fergot to post and when it got late I was too tired to bother typing all that.

Thanks again to Jesser for that Lockerz site O: I'm aiming for some ptz over 4000, I want a lot of stuff they got there lawl xD

Also had dream with Jesser again, but I feel that'll have to be told to him only :I


I think I'm becoming more girly...



Kat said...

Wait, hold a sec xD

You're talking to Jessaaay again? o.0

I just saw the thing about the lockerz, then looked down at the other post and thought..

"Wait, what? o.o"