Thursday, April 1, 2010

Points of the day

1) lost one of my best friends

2) feel shitty

3) want to go jump into a pool of water and stay there to just see how long I can last without suffocating

4) feel like crying but can't?

5) miss someone I don't wanna miss anymore

6) whyyyy do I bother?

7) I regret it all

Alright well today's April Fools Day

I called my dad and told him I'm pregnant and he believed it.

then when I said april fools he was just angry that I fooled him like that xD

It was funny.

and I guess that was the only upside of the day.

I'm done here,

oh and also..

still trying to ferget about mikee, maybe that's why I'm acting so gullible and shit, saying I'm in love with any person that walks my way and says they like me.

Srsly, I need to control myself

My mouth sure made me lose a lot

I need to sleep this off..

fuck my life x.x ugh