Sunday, May 30, 2010

new blog

new blog, made my title the link instead xD

start following this one instead, i'll be deleting this one after you guys follow the new one

Saturday, May 22, 2010

go go go

go here.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Guest_MasterRevan118 has joined the chat
Guest_MasterRevan118: hello
LoboLunar: heylo
xXxTheraxXx: haii
Guest_MasterRevan118: wasup?
LoboLunar: -bobs head-
xXxTheraxXx: the sky
LoboLunar: mah DICK
LoboLunar: rofl jk <3
LoboLunar: xD
xXxTheraxXx: lmao
Guest_MasterRevan118: ???
xXxTheraxXx: LMAO
LoboLunar: wow...sad...dont you know yer own genital?
xXxTheraxXx: nice alex
xXxTheraxXx: XDDD
Guest_MasterRevan118: i know but, nvm
LoboLunar: xDD lmfao

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Ya know, I got a lot of shit happening, and now another prob has to fall on me? I feel like saying FUCK YOU but can't, I feel like screaming, crying, running away, can't say that to you cause you "DON'T CARE" right? WTF IS THIS now you don't fucking care, that makes me sick! were you ever even a fucking friend at all? I'm such a bitch right, FINE I'm a bitch! I'll wag my tail and apologize to you, while you ignore me. Gotta deal with one of my friends avoiding me, with my dad trying to kick me out my own house, and him arguing constantly with my mom, and my grades being fucked, and now with you being pissed at me days after that shit happened, maybe I shouldn't care either! I should just go jump off a fucking bridge and die right? maybe you'll be happy then. Life isn't beautiful, its a piece of shit.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Place

I stepped upon the cement, pondering on the choice of whether I should leave on to this journey or stay here with my family. No, I thought, I must go, how will I become the ‘child to be proud of’ if I don’t? This journey was going to be full of risk. Venomous creatures lurked about, and I was not strong even though at times people considered me brawny. I stepped into the bus, and sat next to the window, since I enjoyed watching the sky and looking at the world surrounding me. Before I knew it, night had become one of autocratic power. I looked down at my old pair of blanched jeans that I had on, and became sleepy. Soon…, I said to myself, Soon… When I woke up, we had arrived to the place. People around me were beginning to put their jackets, sweaters, vests on, and getting up to prepare to bring down their bags. I looked outside, it looked like a nice, warm day out. I put my bag over my shoulder then got up and took down my suitcase. Walking off the bus I felt the sun embrace me. As my eyes wandered, I heard the laughter of kids playing tag around me, two woman discussing how certain men mistreat women, young lovers wondering what colors to paint their living room and kitchen, a man who sells crosses scolding a young boy for using words of blasphemy, and a cat meowing, sitting upon a bench staring at me. People scattered left and right, talking everywhere. I watched as two men unpacked a truck of cement. You could see the sweat glistening on their foreheads from how laborious the work was for them. After watching the men, I snapped back into reality and searched for the ‘secret passage’ I came to look for. After a good 5 minutes or so of observing the area, I found it. I walked towards the forest of the place. At first I stopped before actually stepping foot into it. I was worried of being lost, not being able to get out. I wouldn’t be able to contend against anything because of my weakness. Even so, with all these worries, I continued my trip, and stepped in. Along the walk, I saw many strange looking birds, rodents, and insects. I of course, was very humane, and would never hard any of them for no reason whatsoever. I actually appreciated their presence and stared at their illustrious beauty. After some time, while taking in the scenery, I stumbled upon what at first looked like a menacing beast from many feet away, but when close appeared to be a horse on the ground. I only saw its back, which seemed to have a purple glow on it in the spots where sunlight hit. I walked around to the other side to see its face, since I noticed it was still breathing but not moving. My mouth dropped open. One of it’s eyes looked liked it had been punched, and it had cuts up and down the stomach and legs. The horse seemed to have gone through quite an amount of maltreatment, and intolerable pain. Soon as I saw this beautiful, suffering creature I knew what I need to do next. Be it’s savior. Exactly that, is what I became.