Saturday, May 15, 2010

Ya know, I got a lot of shit happening, and now another prob has to fall on me? I feel like saying FUCK YOU but can't, I feel like screaming, crying, running away, can't say that to you cause you "DON'T CARE" right? WTF IS THIS now you don't fucking care, that makes me sick! were you ever even a fucking friend at all? I'm such a bitch right, FINE I'm a bitch! I'll wag my tail and apologize to you, while you ignore me. Gotta deal with one of my friends avoiding me, with my dad trying to kick me out my own house, and him arguing constantly with my mom, and my grades being fucked, and now with you being pissed at me days after that shit happened, maybe I shouldn't care either! I should just go jump off a fucking bridge and die right? maybe you'll be happy then. Life isn't beautiful, its a piece of shit.